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There is a detailed explanation of how to configure your mac mini server available online in the Apple documentation system at

The following article can be found online at

If you have a new server or a computer with Lion Server newly installed, you can set it up over the network by using the Server app on an administrator computer. The server you’re setting up doesn’t need a display.
  1. Prepare your DHCP server for the new server, and if you have a DNS server, prepare it also.

    If you have an Internet router, it’s probably your DHCP server. Your DNS server may be administered by your Internet service provider or a DNS hosting service, or it may be another server on your intranet. For more information, see DHCP server configuration for your server and Register the server’s Internet host name.

  2. Make sure the new server has an active connection to the same network as the administrator computer you’re using.
  3. If the server is off, turn it on.

    When the server starts up, the server setup assistant opens and waits for setup to begin.

  4. On your administrator computer, open the Server app, choose Manage > Connect to Server, select the new server in the “Choose a Mac” dialog, and click Continue.

    The new server may be listed with a name generated from the computer model and the Ethernet hardware address (the MAC address), or with a name from your DNS server.

    If the server you want to set up is listed in the Server app sidebar, you can begin setup by selecting it and clicking Set Up This Mac.

  5. Enter the new server’s complete hardware serial number.

    You can find the serial number on the case of the product, on the original product packaging, and on the original product receipt or invoice. For more information about finding the serial number, see the Apple Support article at

    Match the capitalization of the serial number when you type it.

  6. Click Continue, and proceed through the server setup assistant panes.

After server setup is complete, you can take additional steps to enhance the security, accessibility, and overall usefulness of your new server. For information, see After setting up Lion Server.

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