Unlimited Broadband is Back!

  • Friday, 5th August, 2016
  • 08:59am

For a imited time only we are offering unlimited data bundles on our FTTC and ADSL2 broadband services *

Sign up for a new 2 year service plan with Fido including line rental and get Unlimited FTTC from just £40/mo (plus £18.50 line rental)

Unlimited ADSL2 is just £25/mo (plus £18.50 line rental)

Our Business Broadband includes a Static IP address, both IPv4 and IPv6 as standard.  Low contention rates, low latency and Super Fast speeds (OfCom approved figures indicate our FTTC 80/20 service offers at least 76Mbit download speeds)

Check out our standard plans at https://fidonet.com/business-broadband.php

Unlimited FTTC and ADSL2 special offers available for a limited time only by ordering through sales@fidonet.com

Move your phone line and Broadband to Fido Today!   Migrations free of charge!

Check out the benefits of Fido Business Broadband 

 * IPv4 Static IP Address as Standard

 * IPv6 Static IP Address as Standard (full /64 as standard)

 * Low Latency Network

 * Low Contention

 * True Business Class Support

 * Low call costs

 * Free Landline Calls Included at Evenings and Weekends (ideal for SoHo and Small Business Users)

 * AVG AntiVirus 3 Computer 12 month subscription

 * Compatible with our DSL and FTTC Bonding Services (requires FireBrick)

 * Up To 80Mbit download speeds and 20Mbit upload speeds

 * Free SIP Trunk and phone number

 * Voice Quality Guarantee when using Fido SIP Trunks

 * 500 minutes of evening and weekend calls included each month for free

* - Terms and Conditions Apply

 * Requires Fido Line Rental at £18.50 per month

 * Prices subject to VAT at 20%
 * Unlimited Bandwidth is subject to fair use policies
 * Acceptable Use Policies still apply (www.fido.net/legal)

 * Qualifying Exchanges Only

 * Max attainable speeds are theoretical limits given perfect conditions and assume additional bolt ons for upload speeds. They are not representative of actual speeds. Please use the Line Checker tool to receive an indication of the likely speeds you will receive in your own individual circumstances. Current performance tests in line with ASA guidelines indicate we provide 20Mbit download speeds on our ADSL2 service and 76Mbit download speeds on our FTTC service as of 1st June 2014

 * Wires Only Installation (routers available at additional cost)
 * Offer may be withdrawn at any time

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